Outpatient Surgery Instructions

Before Your Surgery

Registration and Testing

All paperwork and medical testing are completed in advance of the procedure. Medical tests are usually done at Cortland Regional Medical Center or at an off-site location. Your physician's office will schedule an appointment for your pre-admission testing within seven days of your procedure.

Where to Park

The most convenient parking is in the Outpatient Surgery parking lot on the corner of W. Main St. and Homer Ave. Additional parking is available across the street in the W. Main St. parking  lot. All parking is free of charge.

What to Expect

The registration and testing procedure involve several steps:

  1. Please report to registration on the third floor (use Outpatient Surgery entrance).
  2. You will be asked to verify all information and complete other forms as necessary.
  3. You will be interviewed by a registered nurse. The nurse will review your medical history, discuss what will happen on the day of your surgery, and give you any special pre-operative or post-operative instructions. All questions you have will be answered.
  4. You will speak to the anesthesiologist.
  5. You will have several standard medical tests, plus any other special tests your doctor has ordered.
  6. You may eat or drink what you like before these tests unless your doctor tells you otherwise.
  7. Other consultations that may be necessary will be arranged in the same area and may include: social work services, financial counseling, or rehabilitation services.

What to Bring

  • Your insurance card, if you have health insurance coverage.
  • If the patient is 18 years old or younger, a copy of his/her immunization records is required.

The Day Before Surgery

  • Drink extra fluids the evening before surgery. You may have your regular diet up to midnight (unless your physician has placed restrictions on you).
  • Plan to get a good night's sleep before surgery. You should shower and wash your hair the night before or morning of surgery

Day of Surgery

  • Be sure to wear loose comfortable clothing that is easy to get on and off.
  • Do not wear make-up, jewelry, or nail polish.
  • Leave all valuables (money, checkbook, credit cards) at home.
  • Do not chew gum, eat hard candy, or smoke cigarettes.