Cortland Regional’s Wound Care Center recognized as a Healogics “Center of Distinction”


The Cortland Regional Wound Care Center, a partnership between CRMC and Healogics, has just been designated as one of Healogics’ 2016 Centers of Distinction. CRMC’s wound care center is one of eight Healogics clinics in New York State to be recognized this year. 

Over the past year, Cortland Regional’s Wound Care Center has “demonstrated a superior commitment to excellence for our patients and hospital partners by achieving the Center of Distinction Metrics,” says Jeff Nelson, Healogic’s CEO. The metrics cited by Healogics include a 92 percent patient satisfaction rate and a 91 percent healing rate within 30 days.

Through our partnership with Healogics, Cortland Regional Medical Center offers comprehensive, specialized wound care treatment, including adjunctive hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) for qualified patients. Healogics is the world’s largest wound care management company, delivering advanced, evidence-based care to patients with chronic wounds for over 20 years.

Chronic, non-healing wounds are often related to one or more underlying health conditions like diabetes, or poor circulation. Specialized care is necessary because these wounds don’t heal in a timely fashion or they reoccur.

Former wound care patient, Mark Barron of Cortland, suffered from a chronic, non-healing leg ulcer for several years. Once a week he would travel to Binghamton to have it treated. It would heal for a time but eventually reappear. When he tried to seek relief through surgery, he was initially rejected due to his other health issues. Mark became resigned to spending his days with his leg elevated, unable to perform basic daily activities while living with chronic pain.

Then the Cortland Regional Wound Care Center opened. The Center’s staff guided Barron every step of the way in his healing journey, from scheduling appointments to the actual wound care to negotiating with his insurance and securing the physician to perform the surgery he needed.

It has been two years now, and Barron is wound-free. He said he still misses the staff. “A little part of me didn’t want to be healed because they became my life and I looked forward to seeing them. Everyone was wonderful…the doctors, the nurses, the schedulers, I can’t say enough good things about the team,” Barron says.

In addition to receiving great care, Barron is also grateful that, “Cortland Regional didn’t treat me like a dollar sign or try to rush my care. They listened to me – what I was going through physically and emotionally. They heard me.”

Congratulations to the dedicated physicians, nurses, technicians, and staff at the CRMC Wound Care Center for making a difference in the lives of our patients who have, up until now, lost hope of ever healing.

An award ceremony and announcement from Healogics is planned for later this year.