CRMC Physical Rehabilitation Services

Physical Rehabilitation Services

The Rehabilitation Services Department staff is committed to providing exceptional care to patients recovering from surgery, illness, or injury.

The goal of these highly trained professionals is to return individuals to their greatest level of independence: at home, at work or within their community. Patients are treated and cared for by licensed therapists specializing in physical, occupational, or speech therapy. Our staff uses an interdisciplinary team approach to rehabilitative therapy. After thorough assessment and evaluation, therapists from the three specialties often work together to custom-design a program to fit the patient’s specific needs.

For patients needing an extended rehabilitative stay following injury, illness, a worsened health condition, or surgery, we offer the Short Term Rehab program through the Cortland Regional Nursing & Rehab Center. The program is ideal for individuals of all ages who need additional therapy and support services before they are ready to return home.

Innovative Treatment Options

Functional Living Apartment

The Rehab staff prides itself on exploring new methods and offering new techniques to better care for our patients. A recent addition to the Rehabilitation Services Department, the Functional Living Apartment (FLA) is an actual apartment space housed within the medical center comprised of a kitchen, dining area, bedroom and living room. The FLA functions as a “proving ground” for rehab patients who are ready, or think they are ready, to return home. No other medical facility in the area has an offering as comprehensive as our FLA.

Rehab Car for Transfer Training

Designed to recreate the look and feel of an actual vehicle, the state of the art "rehab car" helps rehab patients practice how to safely get in and out of a vehicle.

Nintendo "Wii" Therapy

The popular gaming system is now the latest treatment tool used by the Physical Rehab Department. The realistic movements required to control the game on the screen make it a valuable asset for rehabilitation. In addition to muscle strengthening and hand eye coordination, Wii helps improve endurance, balance, and motor skills deficiencies.

Hydro Track Underwater Treadmill

The Hydro Track® is an underwater treadmill used in aquatic physical therapy. Aquatic therapy is an essential aspect of rehabilitation for patients with limited physical functioning such as those healing from orthopedic surgery, a sports-related injury, or a neurological impairment. On the Hydro Track® treadmill, patients are empowered to safely perform exercise routines as the water reduces pressure on the body.

Specialized Physical Therapy: Women’s Health

In recent years our therapists have also expanded their program to address specific women’s health issues, such as pelvic floor dysfunction treatment (urinary incontinence) and lymph edema evaluation and treatment (post-mastectomy swelling of arms or legs). CRMC is one of a few facilities in Central New York with therapists qualified to treat these two conditions.


Many of our therapies are available at the main Cortland Regional Medical Center as well as the West Road Campus.  For added convenience, patients in need of physical therapy can receive treatment at the Outpatient Service Center. Treatment is offered for a variety of conditions, including sprains, neck and back injuries, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, and post-surgical rehabilitation. The OPS Center also features extended hours to accommodate patients’ busy schedules.

When you need rehabilitation services, ask your physician to refer you to Cortland Regional Medical Center:

To learn more about our physical rehabilitation services and new location, read our Online Flyer.

Main Campus

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Rehabilitation Services
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West Road Campus

4005 West Rd.
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Outpatient Service Center
Phone Number: (607) 753-6000
7:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. (M-F)

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New Location!

1259 Fisher Ave.
Cortland, NY Outpatient Service Center
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