Mental Health Services

Cortland Regional Medical Center provides two acute care mental health services, Psychiatric Evaluator Services and inpatient treatment on 1E.

Inpatient Services - 1E

An 11-bed secured unit, serving an adult population. It features:

  • A team of skilled mental health professionals supervised by Board Certified Psychiatrists comprised of Registered Nurses, Psychiatric Technicians and Social Workers/Therapists.
  • Personalized treatment emphasizing state-of-the-art psychopharmacology, individual and group psychotherapy, and recreation therapy.
  • Discharge placement to community support services ensuring the best opportunity for continued mental health recovery.

Psychiatric Evaluator Services

Emergency Room Evaluations

Assessing the mental health status and treatment needs of patients presenting with potential psychiatric issues. Recommending appropriate inpatient treatment or referral for outpatient follow-up in the community.

Cortland County Crisis Line [(607) 756-3771]

A 24-hour service for individuals experiencing an emotional or mental health crisis.