Hospital Aid Volunteers

In 1905, 200 area women began the Hospital Aid Society. Their mission was to furnish and equip the Women's Ward. Three years later the Junior Hospital Aid Society was formed by young mothers who provided education, equipment and furnishings for the Children's Ward. These two volunteer groups later combined to become what is known today as Cortland Regional Medical Center Hospital Aid.

CRMC Hospital Aid sponsors a number of programs that benefit new mothers and children of all ages. One such program, Unit Support, provides sleepers, blankets, socks and other "every day" items to children that need them. The group is also one of the co-sponsors of WHALE (We Have A Little Emergency), a child safety seat identification program.

Aid volunteers also provide funding for the Maternity, Nursery and Pediatric Units. Through its recent fundraising efforts, CRMC Hospital Aid has provided money for the purchase of new equipment for these units, including:

  • An infant warmer for the Nursery
  • A pediatric blood pressure monitor for Pediatrics
  • A lighted microscope for Maternity
  • The "Hugs" child protection system.

Interested in joining Hospital Aid? Please complete and mail this Application to the Volunteer Office.